Many of us have happy garden memories attached to our childhood. Mine include searching for “fairy rings” in the morning dew, and making hats from the huge leaves of rhubarb.

Why not plan a corner of your own garden to stimulate the young imagination?

The “Kids’ Corner” garden plan includes a full-color drawing, shown here, with everything else you’ll need to make it happen — except, of course, the plants themselves! The downloadable PDF file includes an overhead plan for the garden, a plant list with tips on caring for the plants, a planting blueprint plan, and even a shopping list to take along to the nursery.

Curiosity is one thing that most children have plenty of. And in this garden, they can touch and explore as much as they want… [including] many plants with different textures, and those that are just plain fun to play with.

What fun!

Lambs-ears would be high on my own plant list for a children’s garden. I’ve always loved to touch their soft thick fuzzy silver-green leaves…

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And pansies, violas, or Johnny-jump-ups — any or all of that family — because their little flower faces seem to smile, and the more they are picked, the more they bloom…

Oh, and in a sunny corner,a plant or two of cherry tomatoes for summer snacking! Nothing beats a tiny sun-warmed ripe tomato that a child can say, proudly, he has grown in his very own garden, “all by myself”!

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