Oh, c’mon, you know we’ve all done it!

You’re strolling through a new neighbourhood on a summer evening, glancing at the miniature theatre sets of undraped windows, where the light inside illuminates other people’s lives for just one passing moment…

I’ve always loved to catch a glimpse of the interiors where strangers live. It probably comes from those college years of travelling home by train at holidays, rattling and swaying through the night past all those anonymous homes… Admiring a wall colour here, deploring an over-couch department-store painting there, wondering if that floor lamp would suit your own space….

Perhaps you’ve done the same?

Now you can indulge that natural curiosity without feeling quite so much like a “Peeping Tom” —Normal Room shows you interior design and home furniture from all over the world. Search by country or location, by caption or keyword, even by the occupants of the home… A kitchen in France, a lounge in Ireland — Random rooms!

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