Animal Rubber BandsIt’s a desk accessory!

It’s a very quiet pet!

It’s a bit of sheer brilliance from Passkey Design (that’s Yumiko Ohashi and Masanori Haneda), a Tokyo firm with a focus on cool products that won’t be tossed away after a single use.

Here’s the design philosophy —

We’d like to propose a sustainable products which can be used for a long time with the attachment. For example, the Animal Rubber Band is made of the silicone material very carefully, and it is a little deterioration in comparison with the natural rubber. and it thinks that it can have it use long.

Pick a pack of Zoo or Pet animals designs in happy bright elastic colours, and you’ll never have to play with paperclips again.

Thanks to the very diggable Popgadget for this find! Hmm, now… do we file this under “Office Supplies” or “Animals in Art”?

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