barkcloth fabricsYou too can make a confident fabric choice in the middle of a chockful-o-fabrics big major craft-and-sewing store!

Just brush up a little first with the Fabric Dictionary, courtesy of J&O Fabrics. It’s got information on every kind of fabric you can think, listed from A to Z, from Acetate, Alpaca, and Appliqué to… has anyone invented a fabric yet that begins with Z?

Because, who can keep on top of the new materials, and the revivals of retro materials, and the introduction of materials from other parts of the world?

Take barkcloth (or bark cloth) for example.

It originally referred to fabric made from the bark of trees. Today, the term describes fabric with a bark-like surface texture. Bark cloth is now most often made from 100% cotton.The bark cloths made today often have vintage designs reminiscent of those used during the heyday of bark cloth: the 1940’s and 50’s.

See? Good to know.

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I think you’ll find the Fabric Dictionary is a truly useful resource — whether you’re an experienced needle-wielding artiste, or just beginning to dabble in the crafts and sewing world.

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