This just in — blends Affordable Organics for the home, from the best manufacturers in north America, with an eye for urban style and trendy design elements: Blends Affordable Organics with DIY Urban Style

Organic BeddingChicago, Illinois (PRWEB) September 25, 2006— Kushtush Organics of Illinois, a young organic bed and bath e-retail shop since late 2004, offers a highly focused collection of organic bedding, linens, bath items, and a complete organic nursery section. Featuring the best organics on the market, Kushtush often selects organic products as much for high style as for 100% organic quality.

“The blending of natural elements with urban style is a passion of mine, and my gift to my customers,” says Susan Yurek, owner of Kushtush Organics. “It took a long time to develop the concept of design and organics into a viable business structure, but now it’s here, and the response has been great,” she added.

Kushtush Organics takes care to provide 100% organic and cruelty-free products primarily made in the USA, not only to U.S. customers, but also to places such as organically sophisticated Australia and New Zealand. The company works to provide customers outside the U.S. with the same delivery and attention as those customers within.

But this isn’t just an online store with trendy organics. Kushtush Organics has a statement to make about cruelty-free merchandising, sustainability, social ethics, and natural health, with relevant information sprinkled throughout the web site pages. “It’s all about being what we are, and living well, yet harmoniously, on a fragile planet,” says Susan. “Taking an active stand for social responsibility, especially now, is the most important thing we can do.”

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Site navigation revolves around the key organic “departments”: Organic Bedding Shop, Organic Baby Shop, Organic Mattresses, Organic Bath Shop, and more. And in 2006, Kushtush is expanding the line into affordable and trendy, high style organic textiles and natural silks, with all natural and healthful, but great looking, home environments in mind.

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