So, it’s tax time, right? And taxes mean paperwork.

Great tall piles of highly confidential files, just stuffed with all the information that an identity thief might need to swipe your name, your credit, your savings, your home… Papers that just scream to be shredded into tiny little pieces…

hamster powered paper shredder Now here’s the earth-friendly solution to your office chores:

Despite it’s evil-sounding, doom-inspiring name, the Hamster Shredder from Tom Ballhatchet may prove to be one of the most ingenious energy-saving, fraud-combatting, quirky little gadgets around.

Look closely. See? The hamster does the work!

When he runs on his little exercise wheel, as hamsters do, the pretty red gears will turn… And not only does the hamster shred your confidential papers, the little pet can make his own bedding while he’s at it.

Gadgets don’t come much greener than a Hamster Shredder, baby!

Unless you go dump the shredded paper (with or without hamster poop) into your compost bin, for a bonus load of fraud protection and environmental good karma.


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