Anna Whitford decorative faux flower on gift box
Have you seen Anna Whitford’s collection of decorative flowers? These are six-inch sculptural faux flowers — Dahlia and Gerbera, something reminiscent of a Zinnia, big fat luscious flowers to lift the spirits.

The decorative floral ties are designed to be versatile and can be used again and again… Each design is hand crafted from high quality suede, faux suede or metallic leather with complimenting three satin ribbon ties. There are a variety of delicious and dazzling colours to choose from to match your gift, interior or fashion accessory.

Those attached satin ribbons let you easily decorate a gift package or tie back a curtain, or embellish a throw pillow, or a lamp base, or a vase… Create a unique table setting or centerpiece, or accent a fireplace mantel arrangement…

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