Philomena art deco lady by Wendy Hoare, tip of the spring bonnet to Anne for pointing out Australian artist Wendy Hoare’s Art Deco Ladies:

I have found these ladies who are stunning and the way they are painted makes them look just like flowers. They are quite unique and very art deco.

I couldn’t agree more!

And the Art Deco style is both playful and enduring in its graceful graphic appeal… just look at the flirty Philomena

Wendy Hoare began DecoArt Creations as a way to launch a second career — one that would tap into her love of illustration while allowing her to work at home and stay close to her two young children.

Wendy now supplies artwork for children’s rooms online and to a number of children’s interior retail outlets in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, she creates whimsical art for all ages — and last spring, she was commissioned to create artwork for Australian Country Style magazine’s May 2006 issue.

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  1. Anne

    How gorgeous is she?

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