Baby's My First Photo Album of Family and Friends

We usually think of baby photograph albums as something like Granny’s “brag book,” stuffed with snaps of the adored new grandchild,  right?  Well, Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family and Friends is just a bit different – it is designed for Baby.

More than a place to stash family photos, this unique photo album is almost a “developmental toy” for your infant. Even more importantly, it could do wonders for Happy Family Togetherness for your growing toddler, when you get just a few years down the road.

What a clever idea, this little cloth-covered book! Especially with families all spread out over long distances, the way we so often are these days…

Fill the wipe-down vinyl protective pages with up to fifteen 4×6 photos of family and friends — all the important people in your newborn’s life, especially those who might not be there every day to make the goo-goo noises and play with the precious child.

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I especially like the inclusion of an unbreakable child-safe mirror on the last page, putting Baby into the picture collection he’s just looked through!

Hint, hint:  Tell your toddler all your fond memories of crazy-but-loveable old Auntie Jen as you turn the pages together at bedtime, and he won’t have forgotten her when the family gets together next holiday time!

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