Way to have a flashback to grade school art class! Ball String Lights remind me eerily of that project where we wrapped a glue-soaked strong around a blown-up balloon, and then popped the balloon after the glue had set.

(Does anyone else remember doing that art project in school? I’m sure I didn’t dream it!)

Anyway, here we have a string of twenty 3-inch patio lights that look like softly glowing balls of string. And in fact, they are made of cotton string… What do you think, a DIY craft idea here? Very possibly! Or you can pick up a string at Wrapables for $26.95.

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  1. domestika

    So glad I’m not the only one who remembers that balloon thing, silken!

  2. silken

    these are nice, and yes, it does remind me of that balloon project…

  3. domestika

    Yeah, I just keep coming back and back to these, thinking about that old string of Xmas lights in the closet…

  4. tigergirl

    Love these!

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