So your Blandito may not be the seat to offer your aged auntie when she drops by for tea and scones, but as a cosy crash mat for the multifunctional small-space lifestyle of the hip young urban creative with a penchant for modern Italian design?

Furniture of merit, indeed.

I believe the title says it all. Blandito® by Oradaria Design of Italy, is described as a “transformable pad for lazy living” – and I think we can all get behind that concept, no?

Cosy as a sleeping bag or one of those appalling slankets but with, you know, much more padding and much less of the nerdy monk look.

Stuffy as a floor pillow, but with its own smooth moves – transformative!

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Yet, furniture-ish in a couch-inspired way, but without all the stiff bits that keep you from slouching in comfort.

Yeah, well, the pictures say it all.

Oh, wait – first, here’s the design concept video for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a fun kind of a claymation thing – something along the lines of what Gumby and Pokey might come up with, if Gumby and Pokey were into furniture design (assuming they still exist, somewhere in the television re-run universe?)…

No mind, just watch it.

Blandito. Stop motion from Oradaria Design on Vimeo.

Must have!
As soon as Blandito comes onto the market, that is… Blandito is in limited production – sizes small, medium and large – but their website and Behance profile both say they’re moving towards large-scale production, which does give us hope for getting our grubby paws on this bendy-twisty-morphable lazy pad sometime before the end of the millenium.

Things take time.

Photographs: Luca Nelli for Oradaria Design

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