mouse hole at foundation sill It’s a long weekend here, the first weekend in August, devoted to family, friends, and cruising the waves…

Only, being keen DIY’ers, we’re out digging up the foundation all around the house and laying in cement, drainage pipes, and gravel. The goal is to make it hard for mice, water, and cold air to pour into the house with quite such ease. Hard work. Hot work. Thirsty work. But it’s hard to gripe about working outside in lovely weather like we’re blessed with right now…

A bit of housekeeping to be done on Domestik Goddess, too. Most of it is behind-the-scenes stuff — I upgraded WordPress to the latest version, for example; a daunting task that proves to be surprisingly straightforward if you actually follow the instructions! — DoFollowbut a few other items may be of interest to you.

  1. Beefing up my spam filters has let me put the DoFollow plugin back into action. So, leave a link in your comments if you want, and (assuming I think the link is free of canned luncheon meat of any sort), the search engines will follow along.
  2. A kick in the meme from my pal Pinhole (who blames Wolf) finally forced me to write up my About page. So now you can see my *gag* photo, if you missed its debut over at GlamNest, and get an answer to all those nagging little questions:
                    • what’s this blog for, anyway?
                    • who the heck is Jen?
                    • and why can’t she even spell domestic right?
  3. While I was at it, I popped in a page of fine print about advertising on this blog, my disclosure policy, all that sort of thing. Because you’ve got the right to know if some company is slipping me fistfuls of cash under the table. (Alas, no. It’s pretty small potatoes, and all above board.)
  4. Comment subscriptions! You’ll see a new checkbox beside the space for writing a comment. Now, if you want to follow along by email, you can subscribe to comments on any one post. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time, when the conversation flags or if you just want to bail out and leave me here talking to myself… ;)
  5. Oh, and I organized my recipes into categories, to make it easier to find the recipe you’re looking for…

I think that’s it for now… thanks for your patience!
I’m off, back to filling in the mouse holes.

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  1. domestika

    Coming out of the ‘blog closet” seems to be the trend these days, Sharon, but you were way ahead of the crowd as usual!

    And if I look “like a writer,” Pinhole, it’s probably because there’s a coffee cup in both pictures… ;)

  2. Well, I’m finally getting to see what my fellow bloggers look like, though I had spotted your pic before :0

    I like the About page and the disclosure policy – reminds me that I’ve had one (a policy) sitting on my desktop for months and I should do something about it.

  3. Pinhole

    Thanks for the link, and partial blame; I love to share. My first thought on seeing your photo was “Hey, she looks like a writer”. Whatever that means.

    Thanks again,

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