Ron Arad - Bookworm ShelfRon Arad’s curvy flexible Bookworm Shelf puts me slightly on edge because books are just so darned heavy, you know? But the whole idea is so intriguing…

I seem to remember reading somewhere that a Bookworm shelf can hold up to twenty pounds (one well-fed mature cat, roughly), not bad. And it seems to me that there’s something in Physics (someone who didn’t sleep through that in high school can perhaps confirm?) about how the tighter the curves, the greater the structural integrity and strength of the form… ???

Okay, so you might not want to store the encyclopedia on this lovely little wiggly, but it would look terrific with a carefully chosen selection of books, CDs, and objets d’art.

H/T Peter Brady on Lussorian

Let’s tag this, oh, Home Decor | Shelves.

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