Veggie Parchment Bowls by Margaret Dorfman Sculpting with natural materials is, well, almost second nature to California artist Margaret Dorfman.

Her unique Veggie Parchment Bowls are made by hand with fresh fruits and vegetables, chosen according to season. She’s developed a chemical-free technique in which paper-thin slices of veggies are cured, pressed, dried, aged, and molded into free-form translucent bowls, perfect for holding potpourri, glass votives, or for display.

Veggie Parchment Bowls made of papaya and beet root (top of photo) and zucchini slices (bottom) among the unique gifts offered by VivaTerra ($42 – $79), and there’s a lot more astonishing artware by Margaret Dorfman at the Gallery of Functional Art — a feast for the eyes!

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  1. domestika

    Thanks for dropping by!

    You know, I’m rapidly developing a theory that home decor can be of considerable interest to men… if there’s a way to work a bit of food into it… ;)

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  3. Pinhole

    Clever stuff. I wonder if I could make a plant stand out of the cat.

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