Picture your living space.


Now picture this:

Photographs of real buildings, printed on throw pillows. Line ’em up along the back of your couch, on a windowseat, or on your day bed (fantastic dorm decor!). There! You’ve got a one-of-a-kind streetscape to style up an uninspiring urban vista.

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I love love love all of the imaginative architecture-photo pillows from BuildYourBlock. And the Brooklyn-based company just dropped word they’ve just come out with a Christmas theme collection, all little wreaths and Park Avenue glamour with a touch of nostalgia.
(OK, imagine if a throw cushion could channel a vintage Christmas movie, like maybe Miracle on 34th Street? These festive babies are about as close as it gets.)

Would you believe, they even do a custom bakery pillow? Personalize a traditional NYC pastry shop with the name and date of your choice. Gift idea, I think so!

And for something just a smidgen edgier, see also the abandoned building pillows — perfect with a backdrop of painted brick or subway tiles, or on the sill of a window overlooking something you’d rather not focus on. ;-)

These cool architectural throw pillows might be a bit like potato chips — impossible to stop at just one! In fact, a person could be seriously tempted to collect the whole set, especially to add in that essential note of whimsy in an otherwise austere and minimalist urban apartment.

Fill out your soft streetscape with mini sets of pillow-y urban infrastructure, like a fire hydrant, bus stop, ATM, even a lamp post complete with a bicycle leaning up against it.

Psst! Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

You’ve just gotta smile.

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  1. joquena

    I think I would have to make them as “pillow covers” so I could take off and keep swapping out for all the fun themes! I wonder if they have fairy castles or lego pillows? i can see them all lined up on my kids beds now :-)

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