I’ve written elsewhere about Orange22, but it’s time to revisit the studio for Carbon22 — a limited-edition line of experimental furniture set to launch at Art Basel 2008.

Inspired by flight technology, Carbon22 includes a desk, stool, end table and cocktail table — all “blacker than black” and made entirely of carbon fiber.

This furniture has been tested in a wind tunnel.

Carbon22 table

See the unmistakeable influence of Dario Antonioni‘s life-long love affair with aerospace engineering — a field in which he’s been formally trained.
This is one fascinating designer /entrepreneur…

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He calls himself a “maker of things” — a purposefully open-ended description, as Orange22 designs and fabricates both mass-market and limited-edition objects and furniture, brand-defining retail environments, residential interiors and design concepts licensed for mass production. In every case, Antonioni fuses technology, art and design, with the overarching intent to revolutionize the way we live.

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  1. domestika

    Carbon22 is a limited edition, pareet – and inquiries about Antonioni’s work can be made via Orange22.com.

  2. pareet

    can you buy this from anywhere?

  3. Mitch

    As beautiful as this piece is, I’d be afraid I’d amputate something important, while stumbling around in the dark…it IS blacker than black, after all :)

    Your eye for unique and pleasing things never ceases to amaze me.



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