cardboard moose trophy head puzzle Trophy hunting goes guilt-free, green-ish and animal-friendly, when it’s a whimsical Cardboard Safari.

Cardboard Safari is a tiny little company located in Charlottesville Virginia. Drawing inspiration from nature and through the use of sustainable materials, Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez strive to design fun and fascinating products for your enjoyment.

Precision laser-cut cardboard puzzles of deer, moose and rhinoceros heads? Why not!

First there’s the fun of assembly (remember those balsa wood dinosaur puzzles that used to be all the rage?) and then there’s the fun of display. Classic in the traditional Kraft-paper brown, true, but my fingers just itch to decoupage a moose head with handmade rag paper and a few tiny deer-fly images from a vintage science text…

[via designspotter]

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  1. Pinhole

    Looks like it might be just the thing I need!

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