Love playing with that foolishly fun and poppable bubble-wrap stuff? Love a treat of rich sweet velvety chocolate? Yes, and yes, most of us would have to confess!

Now just imagine… chocolate bubble-wrap?

Cute sleuth superdoopercute has nailed the dilemma:

As I sit here, I am trying to decide how I would eat it. Would I “pop” the chocolaty bubbles with my fingers first? Would I let them melt in my mouth? Would I “crunch” the bubbles with my teeth and then eat the chocolate?

Me, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to pop the bubbles with your tongue and then lick up all the tasty little pieces before they fall…

Bubble-wrap made of chocolate. The kid-at-heart chocolate-addict’s dream comes true (in several flavours) at Delessio Market
[via superdoopercute]

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