There’s a line to be drawn here somewhere, in terms of holiday decor. When it comes to decking the halls, I freely admit that I’m a bit of an old fogey traditionalist.

Oh, but not completely archaic… Thanks to a brain-damaged (male) cat — he can not distinguish successfully between the evergreen elements of my interior seasonal decor and the spruce trees in the hedgerow that he sprays to mark territory vs. the invading barn cats — I’ve gotten to the point where I can live with the concept of an artificial Christmas tree.

upside down Christmas treeBut I’m just saying, there is a firm line to be drawn between a Practical Compromise (like having an artificial tree when the stupid cat keeps peeing on a real one) and the Flat-Out Ugly “Different for the Sake of Being Different” decorations.

Granted, one domestik diva’s “butt-ugly excrescence” is another’s “clever innovation” and we may differ heatedly about how much red velvet ribbon is just too much… or whether an inflatable singing Frosty is a positive addition to the average front lawn… but truthfully, now, wouldn’t you place the Upside Down Christmas Tree very firmly beyond the pale?

Sorry, people, but if I am ever that “tight on space” I’ll get a tiny sad pathetic little Charlie Brown tree before I start hanging an artificial tree upside-down with a pile of prezzies underneath the point.

Hey, and here’s a questions — what do you do with the dear old angel tree-topper, anyway? Put some dainty bloomers on her and hang her, head-downwards, to trumpet the glad tidings to the carpet?

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  1. jsv2391

    i totally agree. that’s a stupid idea. btw your angel topper joke was hilarious. bloomers…lol!

  2. domestika

    That’s such a fascinating tidbit of info, PAmela – and you’ve got a very pretty blog, BTW! – and I’m all in favour of history and of reviving old obscure traditions… but just the same, for myself I’ll stick with trees that have the pointy end up!
    ;-) Jen

  3. Pamela

    Pure coincidence that I stumbled across the Chronological History of the Christmas Tree today and read that, “By the 12th century it was being hung, upside-down, from ceilings at Christmastime in Central Europe, as a symbol of Christianity.”

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