vinyl wall sticker coat rackWhen is a coat rack not a coat rack?

When it doesn’t take up a single square foot of valuable floor space in a tiny entrance foyer, but still lets you hang up your outdoor gear close to the door.

This striking coat tree is a clever trompe-l’oeuil illusion from 5.5 Designers at Domestik Vynil — a vinyl wall sticker in the silhouette of a coat tree, complete with hat and umbrella. Just screw in a few black coat pegs, to add practical function to decorative whimsy!

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  1. HowToMe

    How nice. I’m glad! You’re really welcome. I’m having fun with the site and glad to met you in the process. :-D

  2. domestika

    HowToMe, speaking of those special touches that “make it” — I used your melonballer trick to make beautiful apple slices for the fruit tray at my mother’s birthday party this weekend — thanks so much for the tip!

  3. HowToMe

    Definitely :-)

  4. domestika

    @HowToMe, don’t you think the brolly silhouette just makes it?

    @Pinhole, I can see that rodents and trash bags might make a, er, unique decorating statement in your foyer!

    @Doan Tuc, you’re such a creative person — it wouldn’t surprise me if you could draw an outline on your wall and paint something much like this…

  5. Doan Thuc

    wow, i love this product, looks beautiful and need not much space to use.

  6. Pinhole

    Do they have any stickers in the shape of rodents? Or garbage bags? Or…let me get back to you.

  7. HowToMe

    That is hilarious, practical and creative! I love it!

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