It won’t be long now! We calendar-challenged types up here in Canada just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, so the rest of the holiday season can’t be far behind!

The organized ones among us (not exactly moi, I confess) have already started prepping the prezzies — my sister-in-law starts her holiday gift shopping in June! — but first on the “to do list” should be those items that take the most time, right? And what’s a festive occasion if it’s held in a drab setting?

Our recent spate of house guests has focussed my own attention on certain, er, deficiencies… a little scuffed stripe on the wall of the stairwell, that gawdawful faded wallpaper in the second guestroom, a certain ennui to the half bath…

Get Your Home Ready to Shine and Sparkle

Paint Color and Decorating Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

by Debbie Zimmer
The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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white chair rail and mouldings with colored wallCrisp nights and shorter days are signals for many that the holiday season is just around the corner. In preparation for seasonal entertaining, now is a great time to freshen up your living space with simple and easy painting ideas. Try these easy-to-do tips to add shine and sparkle to each room of your home.

Add a Glossy Frame
With busy holiday schedules, a homeowner’s time may be limited. A quick room update can be accomplished by adding color and shine to trim work and doors. Highlight these areas with semi-gloss or gloss paint in a complementary hue to the wall color. Glossy finishes add sparkle and interest and assist in differentiating one space from another. They also provide the added benefit of durability and long-lasting wear especially in busy family gathering spaces. Artwork is always improved with the addition of a beautiful frame and your wall space is no different. Allow baseboards, crown moldings and other trim work to provide the “frame” around your room.

unusual colour combination on wallsTake a Color Cue from Holiday Gift Bags
Incorporating several colors into a space is often a stumbling block for many do-it-yourselfers. By simply perusing the gift bag aisle, you’ll find exciting and unusual combinations that are often easily transferable to your space. This tip works especially well when contemplating hues for tweens and teens.

creative painted ceilingLook Up, Celebrate Your Ceilings!
This holiday season let your ceilings and chandeliers sparkle. Add shine and sophistication to dining spaces by painting these often bland areas with a high sheen product. Not quite ready to change your entire ceiling? Add a stencil pattern in a glossy hue for a touch of high style.

monochromatic blue colour scheme with texture for interestTexture, Texture, Texture
Take a cue from this season’s fashion runway and integrate texture into your space for added interest and appeal. When working with a monochromatic or single color scheme, wall texture will provide depth and warmth. The addition of bead board, paintable wall coverings or glazing over an already painted surface will provide subtle interest and a three dimensional appearance.


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