If you’ve been following along with “Educator” Dan’s home renovation adventures, you’ll know why I keep threatening to drag him out east here and put him to work at my house: This man knows his way around a sheet of drywall — and now, as it turns out, he’s got a bit of a decorating streak in him too! But we’ll let Dan tell the story. Enjoy! ~ Jen

Colour Coordination – Enter The Rug

Daily Home Reno Tips avatar How important is a rug on top of wood flooring? Does it really make a difference in the ambiance and aesthetics of the room? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

During the summer of 2007, we purchased a 20-year-old house with the intention of undergoing major renovations in every part of the home, family room included. We previously wrote an article entitled Home Renovation Tip – Color / Colour Coordination – Critical in which we described the renovation of our family room, as well as providing before and after pictures of the renovation.

The renovation saw the replacement of old light blue carpet with dark hardwood flooring, installation of recessed lighting in the ceiling, covering of the top portion of the floor to ceiling fireplace with fire-retardant drywall, the painting of the fireplace’s remaining brick with a medium beige to complement the cabinetry in the adjoining kitchen, and a complete repainting of the room in an earth forest green.

These colours brought the forest adjacent to the back of the home into the house, visually speaking of course, through the 5-foot-tall windows on the south wall of the family room.

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Here is a picture of the renovated family room.

renovated family room

But, what about the flooring?

For some people’s tastes, so much dark hardwood is too much without a rug somewhere on the floor to break up and even enhance the look of the flooring.

For us, the issue was more about the television.

My wife goes to bed much earlier than I. During those times when I am not on the computer writing on our blog about our continuing home renovation experiences I am likely to be in the family room watching a comedy or action movie, both of which can get pretty loud. So, placing a rug somewhere on the hardwood floor would, in theory, act as a noise dampener.

But, what about the aesthetics? What type of rug would one acquire? Should it be complementary or contrasting to the existing colours in the room? And, what about the price?

Below is what the renovated family room now looks like with the rug.

renovated family room with rug in place

We went with a complementary colour scheme for the rug. Notice how it appears to be the same or very similar shade to the paint used on the remaining brick of the fireplace with hints of darker brown to complement the hardwood flooring.

As well, it looks like the rug is centered in the room, right? Nope. Actually, it is placed 4 to 5 inches more to the left of the fireplace than to its right. However, by placing the run under the front of the couch and having the coffee table on top of the rug corner beside the couch, it gives the appearance that the rug is actually centered.

Which appearance to you prefer? Why? Would you have gone with the same or similar complementary colour or would you have gone with a contrasting colour?

As far as the price? Well, the rug’s dimensions approximate 10 feet by 6 ½ feet. Would you believe all of $89.99. From where? Would you believe….Costco! And, would you believe that it is an indoor / outdoor rug! Talk about bringing the outside into the house.

For more of Dan’s ongoing home renovation experiences, including the increasing efforts to reduce his home’s consumption of non-renewable resources as part of our home renovation efforts, simply visit Dan’s web site, Daily Home Renovation Tips.

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  1. domestika

    Finding a place for a conventional (deep back) TV has got to be the hardest part of arranging a living room or family room. So hard to keep the television from becoming the focal point – and Bonnie, you’re totally right that in a room like this it’s a shame that the fireplace can’t have all the attention! Often the only solution is to hide the television in an armoire or cabinet of some sort – but then you’ve got this whopping big piece of furniture to dominate the space. This is a decorating issue I struggle with, myself – and our TV is significantly smaller than Dan’s sports-fanatic set! ;)

  2. Dan

    Hi Bonnie,

    Yes, we had thought of that. However, the drywall above the fireplace mantel is a ‘faux’ wall. By that I mean that it is fire-retardant drywall that we had installed covering up the fireplace brick of the floor to ceiling fireplace. To mount the TV, since it is a rear projection LCD that is 23 and 1/2 inches deep, and not one of those fancy smancy flat TV’s, would require more work to support the weight….such as drilling into the firepalce brick that is behind the drywall.

    However, I do totally agree that it would help create a single focal point. Now, if only I had enough money to buy one of those plasma TV’s!


  3. Bonnie Story

    Hi! Nice room! Have you thought about mounting that awesome TV over the mantel? Don’t know if that’s possible but I see it on HGTV and I like the way it avoids the “dueling focal points” between TV and fireplace. Another benefit would be not blocking a window, bad feng shui… then you could place the sofa opposite the TV/fireplace wall and open up those pretty windows placing chairs, side tables, etc. Might feel more cozy that the current setup. Feel free to ignore this idea! You probably already thought of it…. ;~}

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