What a lovely gift for anyone who is trying to change his or her life for the better!

After reading about the anxiety and negative self-talk that held me back from finishing that dratted book I was trying to write, Anne Maybus sent me a beautiful email with a virtual box of self-confidence attached.

Here is Anne’s thinking:

Confidence is a strange beast. It is born into some people. Others gradually discover it as they grow. Many people never really have it.This really upsets me. I don’t want to see anyone not fulfill their potential. So I have an idea.

Confidence in a Box.

Do you know someone who could use a Box of Confidence?
Pass it on!

Truly, Anne’s email made my day! — and now I keep my Confidence right here on my desktop, where I see it first thing every morning when I sit down to work. It’s a positive reminder that all things are within our reach… if we are prepared to believe that dreams can be achieved, if we only will give ourselves “permission” to work toward what we want and deserve.

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  1. domestika

    Thanks, Anne. Just reading your blog always gives me a lift, too!

  2. Anne

    I am glad I could make a difference. I really admire you work – love the blog! Curious about the book.

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