corn cob stripperFrom the “Department of Stuff I Wish That I’d Invented” — there’s the clever Corn Stripper from Kuhn Rikon.

Stainless steel, dishwasher safe, its curved blade hugs a cob of corn like a disco queen’s bluejeans. No more kernels popping off all over the kitchen counter and floor when I’m trying to deal with the leftovers from the neighbourhood corn-boil. Whee-ha!

Strip the corn as soon as possible, then freeze those kernels in airtight baggies and they’ll taste almost fresh-picked when you pull them out for supper a couple months from now! Save that commercially frozen corn or the canned niblets for making corn chowder.

(Did I ever give you my recipe for corn chowder? Remind me to post it — it’s my grandmother’s recipe, slightly amended by my cousin the kitchen diva, and can’t be beat!)

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