In honour of Spring — and because I can’t wait for the garden to “bust out all over” — and inspired by a recent post on the Guild blog…

I’m looking for floral arts & crafts to showcase here through the coming week.

Love the flowers that never fade!
Glass, metal, wood, fabric, lace, weaving, whatever… folk art or fine art… Have you spotted any gorgeous flower-themed pieces lately that you’d like to share?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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And don’t forget to add a link, so we can find the artist’s work online.

(Yes, that’s right. Go ahead — use this space to promote yourself or your crafty pals! How else can we know where you are?)

Just 3 small guidelines:
1. Find me a flower….
2. Make it a hand-crafted flower… and
3. The original work of one individual artist.

I have a weakness for struggling artists who do one-of-a-kind pieces, by the way… hint, hint!

And if something extra-special catches my eye, the artist will get a special write-up with photos and artist’s statement, plus all the info that a prospective customer would need to get in touch and buy your stuff.

So, how about it —
Faux flowers, anyone?

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  1. leann

    Aw, thank you!

  2. domestika

    Leann, thanks for dropping a note – your flower pots are so cute! And I really like your handknit black aviatrix hat with the flowering vines on it, too. I so wish I’d had a fun hat like that to keep my ears warm and brighten the days this past long winter!

  3. Leann

    Hi! I saw your post on craftster and just wanted to let you know that I make handpainted flowerpots (with stylized flowers on them) and have them for sale in my etsy shop, and at Magpie. Each one is different, as all of the designs are freehand. There will be more in my shop for the warm weather in the coming weeks.

  4. Anne

    Much as I love modern design and clean lines I have to admit to a fondness for the things that would have been around in my grandmothers day. This book reminds me of her, so it is sentiment a well as a love of the book that moves me.

  5. domestika

    Anne, thank you so much for those leads: I’ll check them out ASAP… but first, of course, I had to go see your blog to satisfy my curiosity! (We have something in common, right away – an enduring love of The Velveteen Rabbit…)

  6. Anne

    I have found these ladies who are stunning and the way they are painted makes them look just like flowers. They are quite unique and very art deco.

  7. domestika

    Hi Kim, thanks for bringing your work to my attention!
    That’s quite an extensive collection of glass you have there… I’m sending you an email…

  8. Kim Rose

    Hi, I found your site while searching for craft shows to apply to. I just happen to create art of flowers (and anything else you can think of). You can see pictures of my work and get ordering information at my web-site.
    Kim Rose

  9. Kim

    Hi. I stumbled on your site while searching for craft shows to enter. I just happen to create unique art of flowers,(or any other design you can think of). You can see pictures of my work at this link,

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