Let’s blame a childhood of reading those Curious George books — who can resist a fresh clutch of giggly monkeys?

miscellaneous monkeys

Clockwise from upper left:

  • The Chimp is an archival quality print by Shannon Brady at BlueFlip Art (h/t emma).
  • S-shaped monkey hooks, set of 3 in brushed stainless steel, are by Bodie and Fou, found in their kitchen section.
  • Multi-imprinting, iron-on Monkey Love embroidery pattern, an 8½ x 11″ sheet with full instructions for getting started in embroidery, by Sublime Stitching.
  • Crochet monkey toys, designed by ohsewpretty, appeared last fall in Crochet Today magazine.
  • “Stackable, desktop, magnetically appendaged Bender Monkeys ” twist and bend to amuse any cubicle dweller. (They come in a set of four bright primary colours, packaged in a metallic embossed banana-shaped tin, with their own storybooks full of “illustrative poses” — where else, but at Think Geek?)
  • Kay Bojesen’s teak monkey is a well-known wildlife mascot in Denmark — this one is found at Fitzsu.

I’d forgotten all about this until just now, but I had a very similar wooden monkey as a teenager. I remember how comforting and smooth it felt in my hands, and how it seemed to take on different facial expressions from sympathetic to cheeky to downright evil… Somewhere along the line, in one household move or another, my wooden monkey went missing… but maybe that explains this secret affinity for monkeys!

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  1. domestika

    Dede did a fine fine job on that monkey mural, Rob! Great idea, to pull an element from the bedding and use it elsewhere in the room — I like the way you’re putting so much of yourselves into the re-decoration of your house, doing it as a real team, too!

    Hmm, you’ve reminded me of something else:
    I must try to find a picture of a nursery job where I made a custom stencil for the top of the wall, based on the print in the bedding and curtains. Getting the repeat right was really the only hard part; that and meeting at the corners. And working with the wiggly line left by the commercial painters who prepared the base coats!

  2. Rob O.

    We’re kinda monkey-crazy too! We’ve bought nearly the entire “Monkey Boy” collection from Target to decorate our guest bedroom that’s being transformed into a kid’s room. And to take it a step further, Dede decided to gussy up one of the walls with a design she calls Monkey Island.

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