Distressed Leather Day-Timer organizer binder Check it out, distressed leather! Finally, there’s a Day-Timer binder for the less tight-cheeked and corporate among us…

I have a pal who calls his Day-Timer his “life and brain”! Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a dandy tool for those of us who wouldn’t mind getting a little better organized…

There are oodles of types and sizes of organizing binder things, of course, but Free-Form Distressed Leather Day-Timer seems to be particularly well-designed, from what I can see from the company’s website.

There’s the whole casual distressed-leather look of it to start with, and the mysterious bendy-foldy technology to keep it looking good.

If Indiana Jones needed to get organized before his next adventure, we think this would be his binder of choice! Our Free-Form design is remarkably more flexible than traditional hardcover binders. Even crammed into a crowded business bag, it always returns to its original shape — no creases or curling! ~www.daytimer.com

On a less adventurous but equally practical note, it’s complete with two pen loops, three credit-card holders, and six (count ’em, six) pockets including one pocket that’s sized up to hold your Blackberry in safety and comfort. One-inch rings make it just the right size to drag around everywhere, while the magnetic tab holds everything together.

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