Well, you may have noticed my geeky streak. I confess, I have a weakness for playing with the various “virtual reality” type of Flash-drive design tools — like the Virtual Model and the Arrange-A-Room tools that I’ve mentioned before.

virtual room designer - drapery valanceToday it’s the Virtual Room Designer thingie at Factory Direct Drapes that has given me a few important insights into my own window-decorating style —

1. I’m just not the tie-back kind of girl,
2. tabbed drapes can look good with sheers!

Too bad it won’t let me choose painted furniture, just various wood finishes, as an option for decorating the virtual room to more-or-less match my own color schemes, but that’s a very small quibble — at least it won’t show my clutter or the dog hair all over the living room carpet, either!

On the whole, a simple useful tool for getting a general sense of how a particular style and color of drapery might look… a good bit of fun, and a half-hour well spent.

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