Benjamin Moore paint green colour guide It can be all too easy to get stuck in a “decorating rut” and do the same old comfortable thing each time you redecorate a room… or in any other visually creative activity, for that matter.

The best way I’ve found to jolt yourself out of that comfort zone, to open up to new ideas and new looks? Play with colours!

Benjamin Moore paint green colour guide More specifically, put together an idea board of images in a colour (or group of colours) that you don’t see very much, when you look around your home or into your closet…

Chocolate and lime, for example, is not a colour combination you’ll find in my old house.

But today — inspired by the cover of John Loecke’s new book on Grosgrain Style — I’m going for it, seeking out inspiring images in that trendy chocolate brown and lime green combo, and putting them up on my idea board to see how it feels…

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chocolate brown and lime green - colours - idea board

One interesting thing you’ll notice is highlighted by this little creative exercise — “lime green” can be interpreted in a great many different ways.

From an eye-popping bright fluorescent green…

To a pleasant mid-range green with a yellow tint…

To the colour of the striking Gia lime table lamp (with chocolate brown lampshade, above) — now, what do you say? Maybe more of a Benjamin Moore key lime colour there, almost a celadon?

We can all agree on the particular deep rich brown that’s reminiscent of a dark true chocolate — more or less — but what colour do you see in your mind’s eye, when someone says “lime green”?

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  1. kelly

    Our bedroom has 1 wall papered with Riva Chocolate & Lime wallpaper from B&Q @ £16.99 per roll and the other walls painted with dulux natural hessian, I feel this leaves the room feeling light and airy but with a dramatic featurewall. We have a rich dark chocolate carpet for warmth and We have a chocolate wood framed 4 poster bed with lime/ olive sheets, with a lime lamp & glass chandilier. It looks gorgous ! I also think that fucsia pink goes really well with lime green. I am also curretnly decorating our 2 spare rooms, I love bright fresh colours but i do also adore teal green as its a very calming colour but it can be too cold if not mixed with a warmer theme such as rich chocolate brown which can also be added with cream. I have recently come across a gorgous teal green background wallpaper but with a bright floral pattern again for a 1 featurewall and its gorgous ! I just love to decorate ans to shop for all the accessories and when its all put together !!

  2. Makenzie

    I have picked these two colors for my bedroom!! I painted the walls that chocolate brown, i got lime green sheets and pillows, and then i got a White down comforter!! I love it!!’
    Makenzie Blalock

  3. myam

    i love that color combo! yummy and all-around delightful :)

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