The seven boys and their coach’s wife died in a highway accident on their way home from a basketball game on the weekend — just minutes away from their hometown of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Today, schools and families all across Canada pay their respects as thousands attended the funeral for the seven lost members of the team known as The Boys in Red.

There have been some amazing tributes…

The news of the accident hit our region hard and deep. How could it not? So many of our children travel the snowy roads every weekend to attend sporting events… and these boys were so close to being safe at home…

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  1. Pinhole

    You were actually one of the first people I thought of when I read this report. What a tragedy. Not much left to say;the incident just reminded me that I should say “Hi” while I’m still here to say it.

  2. domestika

    That’s it exactly, isn’t it – we can imagine all too well, and yet (thankfully) aren’t really able to imagine it at all. This was a real blow to a small community in a small province, but the death of children diminishes us all. Even the pope sent a message

  3. Claudia

    God. My heart aches for the families and friends affected by this tragedy. As a mother of two children, one avidly involved in sports, I can’t imagine the pain. May God ease their burden and offer strength and peace during this horrible time. Too young. TOO soon.

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