DesignCast concrete dinette table Can you believe that this rather elegant table top is made of concrete?

It’s from DesignCast Interior Furnishings. They make tables in more than 20 colours of concrete, in various sizes and shapes, and with several styles of base — and all are suitable for indoor or patio use.

Coming soon to a retail outlet near you…


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  1. Concrete House

    Great post! We’ve used concrete as countertops for our kitchen and bathroom and now we’re building a home out of concrete (ICF).

  2. domestika

    Hi Stuart, thanks for dropping by!

    I know what you mean about chair-and-table sets — it rather limits the options (and stretches the budget)! As it happens, these guys do sell the tables separately. The chairs are also available but not even pictured on the DesignCast website, just more of an add-on option. Sensible, eh? They even have some table tops that you can buy without the base, just the concrete top alone.

    BTW, I got a good chuckle out of your post about hiring a super-hero to work in your garden — think I’ll take Spiderman, to help out with the high-level pruning jobs!


  3. Stuart

    They look great and would certainly work really well on a patio, as you’ve suggested. My bug with these settings are that they usually come in a set of three (2 chairs and 1 table) and you can’t buy the table separately.

    Can you buy these by themselves, or are they the typical set?

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