I stumbled across Julia di Biasi’s multimedia mosaics last night, while searching for information on Biasi boilers — there’s a rapidly dying ancient hot-water furnace in my basement, a sad story I’ll spare you for today — one of those delightful moments of serendipity that make the web so much fun.

Julia di Biasi mosaic tile kitchen countertop and backsplash photoMosaics are endlessly fascinating to me, and I confess to a weakness for whimsy and colour (as regular readers will have figured out) — di Biasi’s artwork scores on all counts.

The artist says:

My fine art mosaics and mosaic murals are made from glass, ceramic tile, and my own hand-made and hand-painted tiles, which are fired, broken, and combined with brightly colored found objects from around the world to create unique designs.

In addition to her art mosaics and murals, it was a pleasant surprise to come across some photos of a mosaic kitchen (countertop and backsplash) as well as mosaics in an outdoor patio wall, a garden gazing ball, bath, and studio floor.

(In my ideal world, home decor should incorporate fine art — and art should not scorn to be occasionally functional!)

Julia di Biasi is also the founder of myAtlantis, a philanthropic organization focused on charitable public art. Gotta love the myAtlantis tagline, a quotation from Oliver Wendell Holmes:

Have faith and pursue the unknown end.

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  1. Brandie

    This is VERY similar to what I want to do in my Kitchen. LOVE IT

  2. lisa


  3. Anonymous

    Sometimes we find what we didn’t know we were looking for. I’m so glad you found Julia and her work. I also like it a while lot!

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