Be still, my heart! The “Da Vinci” crystal chandelier by Schonbek is a dream-come-true for Decorating Divas who adore the way sparkling crystal can light up a room, but destest the hours of polishing each tiny piece… This is the world’s first dishwasher-safe crystal chandelier!

I found it reviewed on Trendir, thus:

When it lights up it looks like a fireball as it sparkles with fine crystals producing “an otherworldly luminosity”. Dishwashability is not the only aspect of the inventiveness of Da Vinci — a round crystal chandelier is a new idea by itself.

Schonbek dishwasher-safe round crystal chandelierDa Vinci is available in four standard diameters: 10, 12, 18 and 24 inches, but it can be custom-ordered in 4-foot or 6-foot sizes if your budget can handle that much Swarovski crystal.

So, how does it fit in your dishwasher?

Schonbek designed the chandelier to come apart in sections that would fit into a standard dishwashing machine,” say the manufacturers. “The smallest Da Vinci can be cleaned in one cycle. Larger sizes will take several loads.”

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There you have it — crystal and convenience!

Your domestic staff will thank you, and will can use all the crystal-cleaning time they’ll save to pick crumbs out of the vintage Aubusson in the conservatory.

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