Before photoHome renovation DIY’ers will really like this idea!

After photo If you’re remodelling anyway, why not take your home to a whole new design level by changing an ordinary square doorway into a graceful arched opening, with CurveMakers® patented arch systems.

The kit certainly looks easy to install for anyone with half-decent home handyman skills. After looking over the how-to illustrations on the CurveMakers site, I do believe I’d feel fairly confident to tackle this one myself, even — as long as I had someone there to hold the stepladder steady!

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  1. domestika

    Yes, a really fast upgrade – that’s just what I thought when I saw this. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for someone who’s bought a “handyman’s dream” of a house to fix up and re-sell…

  2. Kate

    Wow, amazing how an arched doorway can fancy-up a place!

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