DIY Duct Tape Dress Form Home-sewn fashion is so much easier to fit on someone else. Or when you can use a dress form for fitting all those tricky seams and darts…

But dress forms cost the earth (and it’s terribly hard to find them secondhand — I know, I’ve tried!) — and some are almost impossible to adjust so that the shape will truly match your own body figure.

David Page Coffin of Threads magazine has the solution: make your own custom-fitted dress form. (Think of it as your sewing-room clone.)

All you need is a long T-shirt that you’ll never want to wear again, a bit of plastic wrap, and about $15 worth of duct tape. Oh, yes, and a helper to wrap you up in duct tape while you stand around in your undies, giggling helplessly!

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  1. dawn

    This is by far the coolest thing i have ever seen. I have been wanting a dress form that you can get from the fabric store for a number of years and even asked for one this christmas.but have cancled that request after seeing this site, now i can ask for a new computer instead ;-).
    Thank you for your creativeness and taking the time to share this idea.

  2. silken

    that is funny! I knew you could use duct tape for anything (my husband’s old bible is held together by duct tape and he’s got the wallet), but I’d never have thought I’d see that!

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