I love this crafty photo blocks kit as an alternative to a picture frame for displaying a special photo.

This easy to assemble kit includes everything you need to create two beautiful photo block sets. Photo-safe glue adheres your photos firmly to the blocks and a sealer gives them a protective finish and brushed texture. Easy instructions and all materials included; bring your own photos, scissors and ruler.

The kit includes 8 wood blocks, foam brush, sandpaper, instructions, photo-safe glue and sealer. $25 at Elsewares.

I’m not completely sold on that $25 price tag, but then I haven’t checked around and added up the cost to buy each of the items individually… it would depend what you’ve already got on hand, I suppose.

The trick to making your own photograph blocks would be the chunks of wood, obviously: to get four straight-edged blocks of the right size to fit a standard snapshot. But any good hardware store should be willing to custom-cut the wood it sells you, free or close to it, or you could simply custom-size your photo when it’s printed, to match the size of the wood.

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As a convenient craft kit, even at $25, this is a dandy gift idea for a creative young teen or tween at the end of the school year — and maybe a way to stave off those summertime “Mom, I’m sooo bored” blues.

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