The Evil Mad Scientist has brewed up a way to recycle bits and pieces of old electronic gear that’s delightfully geeky and also very practical: DIY wine charms.

And what the heck is so practical about jewellery for a wine glass?


When each glass has it’s own distinctive charm, you’ll know what’s yours. Then, when the party gets busy and your attention is focussed on steamy eye-play across a crowded room… you won’t accidentally pick up Buddy’s glass and take a big swig of whatever.

…since wine charms are such a good idea, to use the mass-produced ones is to waste an opportunity for art.Situations like this are, of course, where the D-I-Y community really begins to shine.

And crafts that recycle, as we know, are just plain good for your soul.

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[via Lifehacker]

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