Husky-Lab mixed breed dog, RileyThis is Riley, a 7-year-old Lab-Husky dog mix.

His turn-ons include taking long walks in the woodlot, dining on anything that looks remotely like it might be food, and crafting a furry blond cover for all dark furniture, carpets, and clothing.

This is a dog who sheds, baby!

And this is the  FURminator  — quite possibly the most effective dog-grooming tool that ever found its way into the grateful hands of the owner of both a blond dog and a dark green wall-to-wall carpet that picks up dog hair like Velcro on steroids.

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And this link right here goes to Amazon, where we picked up Riley’s nice yellow FURminator for a whole lot lower price than we found it for sale at the big chain pet store here in town.

One good grooming with this thinning-blade-on-a-handle tool thingie can save you many long hours of pushing a vacuum cleaner… or chasing your shedding dog around the house with the vacuum’s upholstery attachment.  It takes just a gentle touch, and occasional use – Riley has a really thick undercoat and he blows it about twice a year, so he’ll get a light going over with the FURminator every couple days or so during that period. He’s more comfortable, his coat is more healthy and looks really good, and the time saved on house-cleaning can be put to much more fun use, going for a run in the park!

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  1. fashiondog

    My brother has one of these for his Akita that sheds like 24/365 and him with a dark green carpet in the apt that shows every bit of dog hair!! I told him he was crazy to spend out for it but he says it works great and saves him the price on taking Buddy to the groomer so much.

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