As a beekeeper and a devoted food fancier, I was excited to stumble onto Jasmine, the Cardamom Addict’s Vanilla Honey recipe this afternoon! Just one of many wonderful things she can explain how to make with a vanilla bean or two.

Vanilla! Who doesn’t love it? My own confession: in my foolish youth, when short of perfume, I was known to dab a little vanilla extract behind my ears. Not a single dance partner ever complained about that lovely scent — nor could they quite identify it!

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  1. Jasmine

    Hi Jen

    Thanks so much for visiting my site. Hope you enjoy making some v-honey.

    Nothing wrong with using vanilla extract as perfume. When I’m stressed I use the Body Shoppe Vanilla perfume…calms me down *and* The Fussy Eater doesn’t seem to mind :)


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