How many times have we all joked about scuffing around the house in sock feet, picking up dust bunnies and dog fur on the soles of once-clean socks all the while, due to the fact that it never seems to be Anybody’s turn to do the sweeping up? Answer: about a kajillion times.

So what do I see when surfing the internets instead of doing the housework this weekend? Dust mop slippers! Seriously.

Microfiber fluffliness for the feet, toasty toes plus impressively clean floors, all in one swell foop. Throw a little bit of slipper rumba or ballrooom dancing in there, too, and you’ve got super-clean floors and burn off enough calories to justify a second piece of bacon. Bonus, if you’ve got a kitten on the premises, who likes to chase random string-like things, you might even get a little cat exercise into the dustmop action as well.

Where to buy?

This is the Evriholder Slipper Genie for Women (with Bow!) for Woman, one size fits size 6-9, found on – but I think it’s vitally important to note that you can get all kinds of dust mop slippers (who knew?) and they have them for MEN and kids, too. Just mentioning that last bit in passing, y’know…

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Whoever actually got off his duff long enough to put “invent cleaning slippers” onto his to-do list is a flipping genius, and I bow graciously (with a little dusting footwork) in his general direction.

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