This is one business card I wouldn’t toss away as soon as I left the room… but I can’t promise that a card made of chocolate would make it all the way home with me!

Candy Favorites does a number of custom items “through the magic of imprinting digital images on the highest grade chocolate.” Each of their edible business cards weighs approximately one ounce, and measures 3.25″ x 3.25″ and can be custom-printed to look exactly like your regular card. And they come in a protective plastic case so as not to melt in the hand when you pass them out. FDA approved and certified kosher, too.

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  1. Kate

    Someone gave me an edible business card several weeks ago. It was really cool. I was intrigued by the printing- it was so clear. I tried to be good, but the card was gone in 2 days! Not bad!

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