ModPod Egg ChairPaging Dr. Freud!
Honestly, some days, don’t you just want to crawl back into your shell?

The big giant brains who study human behaviour say that we’re nesting and getting in touch with nature these days, doing the whole nostalgia trip… and we’re also stripping down and cutting back and working with greater confidence in smaller spaces.

No wonder that modern minimalist decor is as hot as ever, and the Egg Chair — that iconic furniture of the hipster pad (circa 1964) — is making a comeback.

Here, the classic 1964 Egg Chair is reinvented for fans of high-style retro tech as the modPod.

Not merely a chair shaped like a breakfast protein, mind you! This is a wrap-around total listening environment with integrated speakers and custom upholstery all snuggled into a pristine white fiberglass shell.

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The sleek design that was cutting edge in the 1960s is still modern but with retro appeal as well… not just because of its timeless design but thanks to the entertainment experience captured within. Whether with just the surround sound speakers or with the optional tactile transducer, the listening experience inside the Egg Chair is unlike any other…detailed, immersive, visceral and fun.

Oh, and the price?
Well, if you need to ask…

Let’s put it this way: the modPod Egg Chair made it onto the SciFi list of Top 10 Tech Toys for the Filthy Rich.

OVALIA egg chairAnd speaking of the ovoid form… we’re seeing a whole wave of interesting egg-inspired decor, or other evocations of eggs as a design element.

Perhaps we can blame the resurrected passion for the egg on Hollywood?

Think of Men in Black (1997) and Men in Black II (2002) — the movies that posed Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in a pair of Henrik Thor-Larsen’s striking white OVALIA egg chairs (circa 1968)…

It’s irresistable, that contrast of eggshell fragility with a remarkable strength of structure designed by Nature itself.

Brace yourself, in any case — I do feel a round-up of egg-inspired design coming on!

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  1. Joey

    I love those Egg chairs!

    I have the perfect spot for one in my house that would even allow me to do the slow turn around towards my door when someone enters!

  2. domestika

    I don’t know, Jenny, must just be a typo over on the Glam site…

  3. domestika

    Ah, I’ve always had a soft-boiled spot for that motivational egg…

  4. StaceyR

    There’s more than one way to get a dining room set. I’m scouting around for a very large chicken.

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