When I was in about Grade 5, I desperately wanted to be an archaeologist and travel around the world digging up the remains of ancient civilizations. (I blame National Geographic magazine.)

Without any natural ability for science and math, however, that dream was soon dashed — but I’ve never gotten over the fascination with puzzles and mysteries and treasures of the past. It has simply been transformed into a passion for antiques, I suppose.

Egyptian Excavation Kit educational gift at Victorian Trading CoAnyway, the point is this — there are a great many terrific gift ideas out there for the young budding scientist. You know, clever educational toys and science-experiment kits and the time-honoured telescope, microscope, or chemistry set.

But this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything that would bring great such delight straight to the heart of a would-be archaeologist — a small-scale replica Egyptian mummy and artifacts ready for excavation! They’re buried in a block of soft chalk, about 7 by 4 inches, ready to be revealed with the brush and pick tool provided.

An amazing price (was $9.95, now just $4.99) in an offer exclusively for VictorianTradingCo.com E-Subscribers. Worth signing up for the newsletter, with that kind of deal on a truly unusual (stocking stuffer?) gift.

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Oh, it just occurred to me — this little Egyptian Excavation Kit might be a nice addition to the curriculum for home-schooling families, too, if you’re doing a unit on ancient times or some related topic…

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