Sometimes simple is best.

Case in point, this friendly elephant crib pillow.

It’s designed to coordinate with dwellbaby‘s sheet sets, but the simple silhouetted shape is just as appealing in any nursery.

No skimpy small pillow, this elephant is a generous 13” x 20” of softly rounded, poly-filled fun. The shell is cotton but it is machine washable — as you’d want any baby bedding to be — so the comforting pillow can last for years, no doubt becoming a playful toy companion as the baby grows to a toddler…

It reminds me of some silhouette animal-shaped toys I used to sew up for craft sales, paying my way through college. Lions, dogs, cats, giraffes, all in simple stylized shapes and bright fun fabrics — a quick sewing project and a good way to use up all those fairly small fabric remnants.

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I used to embroider eyes, nose, and something of a mouth on the pillow toys that I made, but I do think I prefer the simple silhouette. What do you think? An embroidered face on your elephant, or a face that the child imagines?

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