Did you know that huge numbers of people actually collect erasers? Pencil erasers, I mean, those rubbery little things we used to chuck at each other in History class when Mr. Bartlett’s back was turned…

I heard it on the radio, so it must be true.

novelty Chinese Food Erasers at OneGoodBumblebee.comPlus, a quick search on “eraser collecting” would seem to confirm that this eraser collection fanaticism is a very real thing.

Hard to get the head around, isn’t it?

Until you start looking at some of the wacky shapes that erasers are taking on these days, a far cry from that long-ago classroom. I mean, there are even some erasers I don’t think I’d want my mother to see me chewing thoughtfully on… and if you think I’m going to put in a link to them, uh, go Google yourself!

My current favorites in the eraser world are much more tame, but pretty darned cute — the Chinese Food Erasers at OneGoodBumblebee.com that come apart like tiny perfect puzzles. And the tiny chopsticks are included!

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