Fairy Swatter Pink vinyl star shape on an eighteen-inch blue wand… we know what this is!

It says “Fairy Swatter” right on it — and (in case that wasn’t hint enough) it comes with a packet of squished-fairy stickers.

No other novelty product we’ve seen this year (so far) is so perfectly suited to slapping any hint of whimsy or make-believe out of a sunporch-sitting day… But I bet it would swat down a pesky house-fly just as effectively. Probably.

If you’re plagued by Tinkerbell and her gang at the bottom of the garden, get your Fairy Swatter at McPhee.com.

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  1. Anne Maybus

    Those pesky fairies can be a nuisance, especially when you are concentrating on writing your blogs, can’t they? I can see a few little girls who should not be looking at this product, though. Love it!

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