Fat Blue Horses

If there’s one thing a person really needs more of in her life, it’s things that need to be dusted — Not!

Fat Blue Horse centrepiece by Nathan HalpernBut the MostOriginal line-up of Bronze & Ceramic Sculptures keeps drawing me in with funky figures like this fat blue horse by Nathan Halpern.

Don’t you just have to smile?

Which brings me — in the interests of full disclosure — to say a word about why I’ve picked MostOriginal as one of my blog sponsors…

It ain’t a random choice. Some of you have been reading my babbling long enough to know that, I suspect!

Rect Banner Ad SoftRock Pillows - Horiz 900x278

Advertising Ethics

Here’s the story:

Dovrat Beit-On, who runs the company, developed her eye for the unique as a buyer for some major chain stores in Israel and Canada. There we’ve got three points I like: (1) a woman-owned business, that (2) deals with a few hand-picked international artists (some of my best friends are struggling artists and crafts people) and offers (3) not at all the usual run of gift items, in a variety of price ranges.

And here’s the deal:

It’s a sad fact of life that someone has to pay the bills around here. I decided that it might as well be only those companies whose products I’d be mentioning as really cool stuff in any case.

And when I write about a product that’s offered by one of my sponsors, I always make it a point to tell you what website you can find it at, none of this cloak-and-dagger stuff.

That way, if for some reason you don’t want to use the link provided (which may in some cases, like this one, be an affiliate link), you can still just type in the address for the site.

So — MostOriginal.com…
because I think it is.

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