Artists have a long tradition of trying to craft a better world — and some things don’t change.

Here’s a chance to come together with other crafters around the world — professional artists, hobbyists or students — and speak out about your country’s dependence on oil for energy.

The International Fiber Collaborative invites all crafters to crochet, knit, stitch, patch, or collage 3-foot square fiber panels that will express their feelings to the rest of the world. Once 800 panels have been received, they will be sewn together to completely cover an abandoned gas station…

Uhm, why?

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Here’s what project organizer Jennifer Marsh, has to say about the motivation:

With the International Fiber Collaborative I am mostly concerned with creating dialog between fellow participants and the community… contributing to a productive growth in dialog in our society, and that is what this project is about. Will it change anything, fix any problems? Well, it might, it is hard to speculate how exactly a project like this may affect people’s lives. It is possible that the dialog created by a project like this could generate great optimism and positivity, whether it is the everyday patron driving by or participants viewing the panels installed at the reception, this is my hope.

If your crafts organization or fibre arts Guild would like to participate, your contact information and website address can be added to the International Fiber Collaborative website. Not a crafter at all? You can still participate in this remarkable fibre-art project by donating materials for the artists to use in creating their panels.

On completion of this art project, the individual panels are intended to be sold to support a not-for-profit fibre-based charity such as Afghans For Afghans, or a similar cause — “Suggestions are welcome,” says Jennifer Marsh. “This way the project can participate in charities and give directly to those who are in need.”

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