Obviously, I’m a sucker for a pretty face and a clever line. Throw in “indie” and “retro” and “coffee“… wrap me up, dear, I’m all yours.

Gretchen Wetzel pushed all the right buttons with an email this morning to introduce her “all-natural, eco-friendly herbal soaps with a hip ’50s farmgirl attitude”
Filthy Farmgirl - Coffee Vanilla Vixen soap— and that’s where Filthy Farmgirl comes in, for those of you who were secretly hoping for a joke about a travelling salesman and a farmer’s daughter…

We have been making soap for ourselves for years, and now we are rockin’ out, putting quality bath products into the hands of like-minded farmgirls and farmboys like you!

We grow and harvest many of our herbs and spices ourselves, and go out of our way to support local organic farmers whenever possible.

Peppermint Patootie - Filthy Farm girl all-natural soapWe work hard to make sure every single bar of our soap is made with love and care, and our company is %100 eco-friendly.

Soap is not just about getting clean, it’s about loving your body and the earth.

Live Nakedly!

Now, seriously, with a name and a face like that? How could you even begin to think about throwing together a gift basket for a girlfriend without packing in (right next to the Belgian chocolate) a Filthy Farmgirl… or two?

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