We woke up this morning to the first snowfall of the season, beautiful slow-falling fat flakes that made the world all fresh and holiday-feeling. That’s my signal to change the bedding to my beloved set of polar fleece sheets.

The very idea of fleece sheets was a little weird to me when they first came out, but when you live in a drafty old farmhouse in eastern Canada… well, those winter winds can make it pretty compelling to try anything that might make it feel more cosy! It was a really wise move… cosy is the only word for fleece sheets. It’s like having your bed pre-warmed when you go to crawl into it.

Brunswick fleece sheetsAnd here’s a tip: don’t cheap out.

My first set of fleece sheets was a set I picked up at WalMart or somewhere like that, made in China, dirt cheap. Big mistake. About the second time they were laundered, they started pilling up — you know, little balls of fibre all over the surface. Not exactly comfortable…

Then, last Christmas, I was given a pretty (bordeau red) set of Brunswick sheets, from a small family company right here in the Maritimes (available online here and here). Thick and fluffy and really good quality fabric, they’ve stood up beautifully. That’s almost miraculous, since the sheets get a real tough workout all through our long winter — I take them off the bed, launder them, and put them right back on again!

Highly recommended.

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